What we do

Design, implementation and development of software.


We create applications matching our clients demands in consideration to the company activities and its business area.


In our projects we use proven technologies of our partner, that is Microsoft.


We provide professional technical support in line with conditions stipulated in the contract.

After work

Some relaxiations and the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in abnormal situations.


About us

I4B sp. z o.o.

was established at the beginning of 2012. However, its activity dates back to 2005 when a group of computer programmers received an order to design an analytics platform for a company involved in manufacturing and wholesale trade of industrial articles.

The project was implemented and appeared to be a great success and consequently we have been co-operating with this company up to the present time. Then, following the market trends we designed a platform for retail trade sector in line with our client's business area.

Due to the special character of the business and constant development of applications aimed at matching the changing market, we have developed our team and established I4B as a limited liability company.

Our team

team 1

Paweł Strzelecki
Analysis Department Manager

team 1

Daniel Ślusarski
Development Manager

team 1

Krzysztof Tomaszczyk
Senior Software Developer

team 1

Mirosław Czajkowski
Analysis Department

team 1

Damian Radewicz
Analysis Department

team 1

Filip Staszewski
Graphic Designer

team 1

Michał Simoniuksztis
Software developer, TecDoc specialist

team 1

Marcin Przybylski
Software developer

team 1

Kazimierz Turkacz
Software Developer

team 1

Jacek Labuda
Software Developer

team 1

Adam Pyda
Analysis Department


  • Address: ul. Partyzantów 17/203, 75-411 Koszalin
  • NIP: 669-251-61-53
  • Tel.: +48 (94) 717-36-72
  • E-mail: office@i4b.pl