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The value of TecDoc certificates and quality of data

TecDoc certifications


One of our services branch is taking care of clients TecDoc integrations and data quality.

It is exactly the quality of the catalogue data that determines whether the customer who relies on it to identify parts – will be satisfied, more eager to choose the supplier. Secondly, there is a significant cost of having poor quality of data – misleadings end up with returns. Nowadays the buyers decision making and data quality are directly related.

For outstanding data quality in the TecDoc® Catalogue, information needs and information supply must ideally match. The better the quality of data the more parts will be sold and also – the fewer returns.


When you integrate with the TecDoc® Catalogue you are getting some reports on the current data quality. With fixing the data you provide, you can improve the KPI’s and apply for certification.

There are new certifications – following

The new “Gold Standard” in TecDoc® data quality

We are constantly working on improving the data quality in the TecDoc® catalogue. By introducing new requirements for our data suppliers in the form of validations and KPIs, we ensure that our TecDoc® data match the information needs at the point of service.

With the new “Premier Data Supplier” status, we honour the commitment of data suppliers whose data meet the high-quality standards in a special way and thus contribute to sustainable sales success. Because only through this cooperation in partnership can we increase confidence in the data basis of the TecDoc® catalogue.

The two statuses differ – apart from the different weighting – in that the underlying KPIs that must be fulfilled to achieve the respective award are aimed at two different levels.

TecDoc KPIs

There are several KPIs that matter in case of obtaining Certified Data Supplier, or Premier Data Supplier certificates.

TecDoc KPI’s description

Here are the examples of some of our clients data quality reports in past few months – with respect to KPIs taken into consideration for certification:

Client 1
Client 2
Client 3

Impact of certification on business

There are mainly two main reasons the company from autoparts market pay attention to those certificates – credibility resulting in higher sales of parts, and secondly – the number of returns of wrongly matched parts.

How much is it worth?

Let us prepare some rough estimations.

Suppose, that:

  • you have 100.000 parts in your assortment and your turnover is 5.000.000 EUR
  • suppose you have 10% profit currently – that gives 500.000 EUR per year
  • and the improvement of your certification would increase your credibility and prestige by 5%

The potential gain in such scenario would be: 500.000 * 1 EUR * 0,05 = 25.000 EUR per year

Looking at the same numbers, from returns perspective:

  • you have 100.000 parts in your assortment and your turnover is 5.000.000 EUR
  • you have 6% of returns – which is worth 300.000 EUR
  • with the improved quality of data, you are able to decrease the number of returns to 5%

The potential gain in such scenario would be: 5.000.000 * 0,01 = 50.000 EUR – that sounds like worth doing!


Of course the above calculation is very rough estimation, the more exact results could be found based on your particular sales analytics – but even with this kind of simplification we can already imagine there is much to win.

We encourage you to contact us to find out, what would be the estimated value in your case – and of course, what would be the price for our team to assist you on the way to become the TecDoc PDS.

Get in touch and let’s talk.

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