i4B delivers stable IT solutions tailored to the needs of the growing electric vehicle market in a transparent and agile way.

We believe in using new technologies to curb global climate change. We help clients achieve strategic and business goals based on services developed in an innovative way.

We are a software company that provides dedicated IT solutions. We offer support in the form of system integrators, auto parts e-commerce, data analysis and processing, and consulting with experienced developers.

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Drawing on over 16 years of experience in the automotive industry, we provide innovative services.

We create amazing job opportunities for analysts and developers.


Our methodology

We use agile methodology and value transparent and open communication with our partners. We help companies and IT managers to find perfect solutions to maintain their systems.

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Our services

Our services are based on Cloud and DevOps – we facilitate understanding between developers and operations, and share responsibility for the software they build. That means increased transparency, better communication, and collaboration between IT and “the business”.


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over 16 years of experience




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Get to know
our story.

begning - team is working with white board and yellow sticky notes
begning - team is working with white board and yellow sticky notes

The beginning

It all started in April 2005, on the day we received a proposal to create a team for software development and data analysis. The project was implemented and proved a success that resulted in establishing long-term cooperation with Optimal. Subsequently, we developed a retail platform tailored to the specifics of the client’s business area. In 2005, we began working as a group.

white electric cars
white electric cars

Establishment of the i4B company

This was a period of developing sophisticated systems for the auto parts industry, and integrations with TecDoc, online stores, and PIM systems for data management. The team of developers expanded to 9.

company meeting
company meeting

The transformation

Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have worked with over a dozen of foreign teams. At the same time, we underwent a company transformation towards Agile – our mindset and work culture changed. We started working in an international environment. Our software development process got fully automated in DevOps and Cloud, and our work became more professional and standardized. At this point, we had 17 people onboard.

full team
full team

We have developed a business and marketing strategy that allows us to grow at a staggering pace.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge of the automotive parts industry – the core of our business. We have seen how this sector has evolved across Europe, in doing so have gained a lot of experience, we have explored modern business models, and we know that EVs are the future. The i4b team consists of 23 employees, and we’re just gaining momentum.

white electric vehicle is charging
white electric vehicle is charging

Where are we now?

We focus on electric vehicles and innovative IT solutions because environmental friendliness is crucial to us. We work efficiently and create stable solutions basing each project on values consistent with the Agile methodology. We are continuously growing and hiring professionals fascinated by our vision.

Let’s shape the future together.

What we stand for?

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The future of electric cars is happening now and we are the ones who create it

The electric vehicle auto parts industry is a solution “from the future” and we have everything it takes to be called visionary.

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We know that EVs are the solution of the future that combines new technologies and business

We have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and the ability to build strong partnerships.

Innovation is our everyday reality

Research findings show that the growing aftermarket for electric cars will need IT solutions to streamline the supply chain between manufacturers and customers.

We create innovation for people.

Meet the Team

smiling CEO

Daniel Ślusarski


Co-owner of i4B, associated with the company from the very beginning. He’s worked his way up from a developer, project manager, product owner, and CIO to CEO. He is a change-maker and an Agile methodology advocate. Always happy to tackle any difficulties, both at work and after hours. He’s also a skilled CEO on a personal level, as a creative dad of three. In the winter season, he loves skiing on the Alpine slopes.

Senior Software Developer is drinking tea

Krzysztof Tomaszczyk

Head of Domain & EV

A team leader and a developer by vocation. Co-founder of the i4b brand. He is persistent and likes to raise the bar high for both himself and others. As he says, he accomplishes impossible tasks immediately, but miracles take him a little longer. After work, he splits his time between two passions: fishing and volleyball – he plays in an amateur league.

Smiling Senior Software Developer

Jacek Labuda

Head of Delivery
Senior Software Developer

Jacek is involved in e-commerce projects for the automotive industry. He manages a Scrum team and is responsible for the development and maintenance of an e-commerce system. His personal and professional goal is to optimize working time, productivity, and communication. After work – husband and father. He loves Yerba Mate.

Head of Competences

Marcin Przybylski

Head of Competences
Senior Software Developer

Since the beginning of his career, he has been working with web technologies written in .NET. He is interested in software architecture, testing, and DevOps topics. Marcin is an experienced, proactive, and goal-oriented fullstack. Apart from coding, what is important for Marcin are team relations and people. A husband and father of two daughters. He likes to run in the woods of Koszalin and play football with his friends from time to time.


Paweł Skiścim

Head of Growth
Managing Partner

A coach of agile methodologies and software craftsmanship practices. Co-creates an inspiring and effective work environment by supporting developer development and systematizing internal processes at i4B. He is calm and optimistic, but he can look at things with a critical eye. He is passionate about alpine skiing and cycling.

woman in glasses is sitting on chair

Katarzyna Żuromska

People & Culture Specialist

A specialist in PR, employer branding, social media, and office procurement. She takes care of a positive image of the company and ensures comfortable conditions for the team. She saves the day when you need a company T-shirt in the right size, makes people laugh during photo shoots, and encourages them to talk online about their potential. She is an optimist committed to working with people. A mother, a wife, and a painter.

The quality of solutions is always our priority

Thanks to over 16 years of experience in working with projects in the automotive and auto parts industry, we know how much business value comes from developing a good solution from the very beginning. Our team will save your time and help you avoid mistakes in the design.

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Technologies we work with

azure node aws rabbit mq octopus deploy docker gitlab jenkins angular sql server Jira bootstrap typescript react JS microsoft .net

What brings you here?

Are you here because of business issues?

Or maybe you’re looking for a job?

Get in touch and let’s talk.

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