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Project context

Our long-term client, Dr. Motor, a manufacturer of car parts, asked us to provide a solution that would help present the current product offer to the target group. In this case, the target group was the dealers (e.g., looking for parts for the end customer), wholesalers, and mechanics. The client used a car parts catalog, but it was not intuitive or up-to-date. 


On the one hand, our task was to handle the data analysis on an ongoing basis – managing the data and exporting it to the TecDoc catalog. On the other hand, we were to create a company-wide car parts catalog. 

We wanted to provide Dr. Motor with a fast and intuitive search in the catalog and additional suggestions on similar products. We needed an up-to-date product database and a stable solution (we decided to implement it in the SaaS model). Additionally, we agreed to perform the implementation and provide post-implementation support.


We had to pay attention to data quality, which, among other things, affects the positioning of the client in the TecDoc directory, and develop a solution in the SaaS model. We expanded our knowledge of multitenancy architecture and enabled adding organizations in the future. 

Implementation stages

We worked on the Web Catalog with automotive parts sold by Dr. Motor in the following steps: 

  1. Analysis of the client’s existing product catalog The problem in the earlier solution was incomplete data and inconvenient search. Our analysis included examining the current structure, strengths, and weaknesses of the catalog. After gathering this information, we interviewed the client in the context of their needs and expectations for the catalog. This way, we gathered the requirements and input for implementation. 
  2. Scheduling work based on team availability, planning the implementation and testing stages – also on the client’s side.
  3. Implementation according to Scrum methodology. We worked in two-week sprints and held regular meetings to discuss the functionalities. 
  4. In the meantime, the client conducted the tests. We provided the client with a test environment and collected user feedback to make improvements.

Business benefit

The introduction of an additional way of presenting products in the form of a freely accessible catalog of car parts from Dr. Motor’s offer makes it possible to extend the target group by including the users who do not have access to the TecDoc catalog.

Results of work

  • Lessons learned. While gathering user feedback, we realized that they had a problem searching. Based on their comments, we made improvements that ultimately contributed to a more intuitive catalog. 
  • Success. We met the client’s expectations for data validity and search speed. Apart from searching for products based on a car parts group or vehicle category, one can also use the search engine to determine whether their search concerns a vehicle or a product group. Creating such an intuitive search engine was possible thanks to the use of the Elastic Search engine.  The solutions we used there resulted from our domain knowledge about how users search for car parts. 

Project in numbers

1755 products in the catalog

4 sprints

4 analysts in the team

2 developers

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